Can Use Face Cream During Pregnancy?

sorry if you want to ask whether you can use cream wardah during pregnancy? rose water as toner and gel image which is tomato as a moisturizer?

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When pregnant, there are several kinds of things that cannot be done, eaten, and used by pregnant women. Because there are several things that can affect fetal development. I will try to explain some types of substances that should not be used by pregnant women in cosmetics, because they can cause some side effects that affect the fetus,

Some substances that cannot be used by pregnant women are: aluminum chloride hexarate, Retinol / Retinoid, AHA and BHA, Butylated Hydroxytoluene (vit E synthesis), DHA, formaldehyde, gluten, mineral oil, parabens, phenoxythanol, phthalates, DEA, sulphate and toluene. You can see the contents of cosmetics before you buy these items, if there are these substances, it is better to use.

My advice is that you better use natural products, masks made from natural ingredients so they don't affect your body and your fetus. Or you can consult a dermatologist if you want to use beauty products.

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