Can Vitiligo Recover?

Illustration of Can Vitiligo Recover?
Illustration: Can Vitiligo Recover?

Morning, my child is born with milky white skin? What is vitiligo? Can vitiligo from birth be cured? And white hair can turn black again? Please answer!

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Milky white skin is not necessarily a vitiligo, but it can also be a birthmark or albinism, to be sure, it requires a direct examination by a doctor on your child's skin condition at this time, because a diagnosis of skin disorders requires a direct examination.

If indeed your child is later diagnosed with vitiligo, this condition cannot be completely cured. Treatment is generally done for patients with vitiligo at this time only to help restore faded skin color but can not deter the development of the disease and the treatment given also takes a long time to produce results.

As for gray hair, the hair will not turn black again, especially if due to increasing age due to decreased pigment production. But this condition can also occur due to other factors that cause interference with the production of hair pigments such as heredity, vitiligo, albinism, smoking or undergoing radiotherapy.

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