Can Walk Without A Stick After Cracking The Leg Bones?

night, I want to ask my motorcycle accident on March 27 then my leg was casted for 3 weeks. Now my legs have cracked (almost. 1.5 months). Can I walk without using a stick? because I feel my left leg doesn’t hurt when supporting my body.

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Hello Vincentius,

When a bone cracks, the doctor can give a cast aimed at fixing the fractured part so that the bone can be more stable and better healing. The process of healing a fractured bone can vary depending on the patient's condition, location and condition of the crack, and the presence or absence of complications, but generally begins to improve around 8-12 weeks. Complete healing can last up to around 6 months.

Has the X-ray been re-done? For the time being you should still use a walking stick first and don't overload your broken leg until it is allowed by the treating doctor.

Therefore, I suggest that you first control with an orthopedic doctor so that you can do an evaluation with X-rays to see the development of the bone. Then the doctor can decide whether you are allowed to walk without a cane or not.

To help speed up the healing period, you should not overload the foot until the treating doctor is allowed, multiply the consumption of foods containing vitamin D, vitamin K, calcium, and protein, and avoid alcohol and cigarettes. You should also limit caffeine, soda, and energy drinks.

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