Can We Find Out About Breast Cancer With Just A Simple Action?

Illustration of Can We Find Out About Breast Cancer With Just A Simple Action?
Illustration: Can We Find Out About Breast Cancer With Just A Simple Action?

Hello, I am Fazri Amalia. I want to ask again. Actually I don’t want to know for fear of hearing the answer. I was confused by a site that gave information about “breast cancer” which said that there was a lump in the breast. That’s how we know if the lump is “breast cancer” for ordinary people who do not know anything about “breast cancer”. What I feel is that the left breast is often painful, but it’s different from the right one. The right one rarely hurts. And tend to be bigger left than right (but my friend said it’s natural). What I want to ask. Actually, how is breast cancer ??? Do we as laymen who don’t know anything about breast cancer can easily claim that we have breast cancer ?? To know whether we have breast cancer or not, what steps should be taken, for example, what do we check ???

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Hi Fazri,

Thank you for asking

Breast cancer in the early stages often does not show typical symptoms. However, along with its development, this cancer can cause sufferers to experience a lump or thickening in the breast that is getting bigger, even changing the shape of the breast as a whole. In addition, there are often changes in the structure of the skin (for example, it becomes rough like an orange peel, curved, scaly, sores, peels, or turns black), inverted nipple, abnormal secretions from the nipple (for example, blood). or pus), and various other complaints, such as drastic weight loss for no apparent reason, weakness, fatigue, and so on.

Breasts that are often painful and larger on one side as you experience are not necessarily a sign of breast cancer. It could also be, this complaint naturally occurs as a result of hormonal changes in the body when approaching menstruation, during pregnancy, or also using certain hormonal birth control. It could also be that your complaint is due to other triggers, for example:

Benign tumor in the breast (not cancer)
Drug side effects, for example anti-nausea and vomiting drugs
Breast skin infections, such as folliculitis, herpes zoster, acne, abscesses
Mastitis (inflammation of the breast parenchyma), and so on

You can try to do a more thorough breast self-examination to assess if there are other breast cancer-like symptoms described above in your breasts. Or, you can also go directly to the doctor for a more objective examination. If deemed necessary, the doctor can also refer you for further tests to detect the possibility of breast cancer, for example by mammography examination, breast ultrasound, biopsy, and so on.

In the meantime, to minimize the risk of developing breast cancer, you can follow these tips:

Routine breast self-examination
Do not consume alcohol or smoke
Exercise regularly
Maintain ideal body weight
Maintain a healthy diet, multiply antioxidants, such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, fish oil

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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