Can Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted Without Surgery?

Illustration of Can Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted Without Surgery?
Illustration: Can Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted Without Surgery?

I am 33 years old my wisdom teeth there are 4 already out and the position is slightly tilted difficult to brush and now near the wisdom teeth gums are a bit swollen and I admit 4 wisdom teeth I seem to have a black color like a hole cm that swollen gums 1 new top left corner for example if I want to pull a tooth without wisdom teeth surgery? because my wisdom teeth are all out?

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Hello Glen,

Thank you for the question.

Wisdom teeth often grow with positions and directions that are not perfect. Not only that, the position of wisdom teeth located deep in the oral cavity makes it more difficult to clean, so that it can trigger new problems. Therefore, wisdom teeth need extra care.

The condition of your wisdom teeth with swollen gums, and even black teeth, is most likely caused by cavities and inflammation of the gums. It is not always the condition that you are experiencing that you have to deal with wisdom teeth immediately. If it is still possible to maintain, your doctor may simply give you medication or patch your problematic wisdom teeth. And, even if the extraction of wisdom teeth has to be done, so far this procedure can only be done with surgery.

Ideally, in order to be given the best management, you need to get yourself checked by the nearest dentist. It's just that, considering the current conditions are not supportive, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, then the examination to the dentist should also be postponed unless the complaint can no longer be addressed with the following efforts:

Be diligent at brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, which is after every meal and before going to bed
Gargle with salt solution after brushing your teeth
Don't consume foods and drinks that are too cold, hot, hard, and sticky
Warm compresses on the outside of the swollen gums

If your complaint doesn't improve, you can check it yourself directly to the dentist.

I hope this helps.

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