Can Women Have Adam’s Apple?

Illustration of Can Women Have Adam’s Apple?
Illustration: Can Women Have Adam’s Apple?

Malem, I’m 26 years old and I want to ask if women can grow Adam’s apple. Because my neck looks like there is an Adam’s apple and it is very stubborn, is it because my body is too thin that it looks like it is growing Adam’s apple? And sometimes I’m not comfortable when someone says “there’s a Adam’s apple in there”. And do women actually have Adam’s apple but not grow? And do I have a strange woman? Please help answer yes, thank you for your attention 🙂

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Good night Pandapan, thank you for asking at

Jakun is a protrusion that is basically normal for everyone, because the punching is a normal part of a cartilage in the neck, namely the thyroid cartilage.

In men, when puberty occurs, an increase in the hormone testosterone (the main sex hormone in men) causes enlargement in a cavity called the larynx (the cavity where there is the vocal cords) where enlargement of this cavity, can cause this cartilage to stand out so much that it causes this protrusion is more visible in men than women. However, in some normal anatomic variations, this protrusion can only be seen in women, and this protrusion itself does not have any function so in women, even though it appears prominent it does not cause any changes in bodily functions.

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