Can Worm Extract Treat Typhus?

Illustration of Can Worm Extract Treat Typhus?
Illustration: Can Worm Extract Treat Typhus?

Good evening doctor, my son is a boy, 11 years old, weight 38kg. Since Wednesday, April 10, a fever with temperatures ranging from 38.5’C – 39.2’C. accompanied by cough, runny nose, nausea, vomiting and flatulence. for heat-lowering I give sanmol. on Friday morning – Saturday afternoon the body temperature has dropped 37’C, and no nausea, vomiting but still a little bloated, but Saturday night suddenly high heat again accompanied by shivering, I took it to the clinic Near the home and recommended complete and widal blood test with the following blood test results widal: O antigen 1/320 antigen H 1/320 antigen paratyphi A 1/160 antigen paratyphi B 1/160 Full blood HGB 12.9RBC 5.07HCT 37.4MCV 73.8MCH 25.4RDW-SD 36.0 RDW-CV 13.6WBC 8.00PLT 292PDW 12.8MPV 11.1P-LCR 32.8PCT 0.32 according to the doctor’s diagnosis at the clinic my child is suffering from not having DHF but only typhus symptoms, and does not need to be hospitalized and sufficiently outpatient, with the following medication given: Cefadroxil 500mg 2 x 1 Infunal F 3 x 3/4 dexamethasone 0.5 mg 3 x 1/2 biolysin 1×1 syrup that I want to ask my child is suffering from typhoid infection or just typhoid symptoms huh? Does it really not need to be hospitalized? And for what use is dexamethasone? because I read this medicine is quite hard and only given for typhoid infections that are already severe. some brothers also suggested that worm extract be given to speed up the healing of typhus, is it permissible if I gave worm extract like vermin to my child? How many doses can you give? oya during this illness my child is often like sleepwalking and not aware, is that normal? thank you in advance doctor

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Hello Herlinakh, Thank you for the question.

Typhus is a bacterial infection of Salmonella typhii in the digestive tract that can be transmitted by consuming food or drinks that are contaminated with the bacteria. Typhus causes a number of symptoms in the form of fever, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea / constipation, headaches, decreased appetite, weakness, and sweating. To diagnose typhus, the doctor needs to know the symptoms experienced by the patient, examine the patient's physical condition, and conduct a supporting examination. In typhus, the investigations carried out in the form of blood tests. Widal test is a blood test to detect antibodies / immune substances that are formed due to typhus infection. This examination must be interpreted with caution because in endemic areas like Indonesia, everyone has been exposed to this bacterium so that if a blood test is done the results will be positive but it does not mean that the person has typhus. If your child has symptoms and is supported by the results of this blood test, then your child is indeed suffering from typhus.

Many lay people misinterpret the meaning of "symptoms (certain diseases)", for example the "typhus symptoms" that you convey. Laymen assume if only "typhus symptoms" then people will assume that the disease is not typhus. As I have said before that to make a diagnosis must be based on information about the symptoms of the patient, physical examination, and examiner examiner. If the doctor conveys "typhus symptoms", this means that from complaints submitted by patients can indeed be caused by typhus but it must be ensured further with a supporting examination of blood tests. This also applies to other diseases. Therefore, because your child has had a blood test to confirm it, it can be concluded that your child has typhus.

If it is proven to have typhus, the doctor will provide treatment in the form of antibiotics for a certain period of time. The doctor will also give other drugs to overcome complaints experienced by patients such as fever-lowering drugs, nausea drugs, stomach ache medicines, and others. Sorry I can't answer the purpose of the doctor giving dexamethason to your child because I didn't know and didn't check your child. You should ask the doctor who is treating your child again about the purpose of the drug.

Someone who has typhus does not have to be hospitalized. If your child's condition is still good, still active, can still eat and drink, then your child can undergo outpatient care. However, if your child's condition becomes weak, continues to sleep and is difficult to wake up, continues to nausea and vomiting, unable to eat and drink at all, usually the doctor will recommend hospitalization to provide nutritional intake through infusion and infusion treatment.

The use of the worm extract you mentioned is actually not necessary because the drug does not treat typhus. There is no medical research that supports the product claims. Antibiotics are medications that are intended to treat bacterial infections including typhus.

If your child is seen sleeping and has difficulty waking up, you should immediately take your child to the nearest hospital for further examination. The doctor will examine your child to assess the need for hospitalization for your child.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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