Can X-shaped Legs Be Cured By Exercise?

Illustration of Can X-shaped Legs Be Cured By Exercise?
Illustration: Can X-shaped Legs Be Cured By Exercise?

, whether at the age of 19 years old children and have x-shaped legs, can still be cured only by exercising? And what kind of exercise does BSA alleviate the shape of the leg x? Please advise

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at The feet that make up the letter X, in medical terms are called genu valgum, or knock knee in English. The possible causes are very diverse. Among others are:

Genetic disorders

Lack of vitamin D and calcium

Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
Having an injury to the knee, leg, or shin bone
Having obesity or obesity

So regarding your question, first you need to know first what causes the feet can experience such conditions. Only then is the treatment adjusted to the cause of the condition. Although, with the age of 19 years, it seems difficult to really restore it to normal conditions, especially if it has been going on since childhood. We recommend that you first check your condition with your orthopedic doctor, so that you can be sure of possible causes and treatment options. Even if it can't be treated completely, your orthopedic doctor can recommend special exercises that can help you stabilize the knee joint and help you to better adapt to the condition, but the important thing is to check it first.

Meanwhile, what you can do is maintain ideal body weight, increase consumption of foods and drinks that contain protein such as milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese, beef and chicken breast, and fruits. Even if you want to exercise, one of the safest is swimming, which does not put too much emphasis on the knee. So, hopefully answering your question.

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