Can You Do Fat Removal Surgery At The Nape Of The Neck?

Illustration of Can You Do Fat Removal Surgery At The Nape Of The Neck?
Illustration: Can You Do Fat Removal Surgery At The Nape Of The Neck?

good afternoon, sorry to disturb, I’m here to ask. when I was little my weight was still normal, but since growing up and starting from grade 6 to my body has started to get fat and there is a pile of fat in the nape of my neck, which I ask if I want to do a fat removal operation in that section is it likely to be successful and fat will not appear in that part ?? thank you, please help me ..

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To maintain the condition of the body in the form and ideal body weight can be reached in several ways. The initial steps that can be taken to maintain ideal body condition is to maintain a healthy and good diet according to your daily needs. To find out your current body condition, you can also calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) now in the normal, overweight, or obese category, the intended categories are:

BMI above 25 is included in the obesity category. BMI between 23-24.9 is in the overweight category. BMI between 18.5 - 22.9 is included in the normal category. BMI under 18.5 is included in the underweight category. After knowing the condition of your body at this time, as well as being aware of the condition of the diet that you have done so far, there are some tips for managing your diet by reducing foods high in sugar, high in salt content, or high in fat content, besides that you can access some of the articles below This is related to diet, including:

Tips to Manage Eating Patterns to Maintain Ideal Body Weight Tips on a Healthy Diet compared to a Fast Diet In managing eating patterns and healthy lifestyles, it is important to know that the goal of regulating diet is not just to lose weight and fat levels in the body quickly, but to build habits and patterns food and life that can be sustained for a long time. If you find difficulties in adjusting your diet, you can consult a nutrition specialist regarding your condition and a management plan that suits your condition.

Liposuction / liposuction method is a method for removing fat by improving contours on the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, or face. There are several methods of liposuction that can be done including tumescent, laser, and ultrasound methods. However, this method is not recommended as the main method of handling obesity. This liposuction method also does not ensure that fat will not reappear at the associated site, because the formation of reserve fat tissue is related to daily food consumption. For information on the liposuction method, you can access this link.

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