Can You Drink Herbal Medicine After Cyst Surgery So That Your Period Is Smooth?

a month ago, I removed the left cyst along with the left ovary last month and last menstruation on 24th today, on 22nd I was bleeding, it seems like menstruation because from yesterday I felt a sign of menstruation as usual and from morning I felt pain as usual before cyst surgery may not post cyst surgery but already a month I drink Kiranti to relieve the pain u0026amp; so that the menstruation runs smoothly because it just comes out a little if that’s natural

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Kiranti is an herbal ingredient in the form of turmeric, tamarind, kencur, pandanus and ginger. Some studies show that the herbal content has several benefits such as

Reducing menstrual pain
Menstrual smoothing

The rules of use are usually to drink about 1 bottle per day and in the menstrual period, you should avoid long-term use, or use in an abnormal menstrual cycle, or there are disturbances in the previous reproductive organs. If you experience this you should first consult with your doctor especially obstetricians. Some side effects that should be avoided are dizziness, nausea, diarrhea. Also in conditions where the use of blood-thinning drugs can be dangerous.

For the use of herbal medicines, consider the following points

Use materials that have been recognized by BPOM
Pay attention to expiration dates
Use according to the indications of the packaging do not overdo it
If side effects occur immediately consult a doctor

More information in the following article.

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