Can You Eat Durian While 34 Weeks Pregnant?

Illustration of Can You Eat Durian While 34 Weeks Pregnant?
Illustration: Can You Eat Durian While 34 Weeks Pregnant?

Hello, sorry I want to ask. Earlier I accidentally ate a fruit soup that had a mixture of durian. But I still had 1 strawberry seed. After that I drink a lot of water, I guess * my fetus is okay right? Thank you

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Hello Devi, thank you for asking at

Durian fruit and strawberry fruit are not recommended foods to avoid during pregnancy, even the two fruits can be a good source of food for pregnant women. Both of these fruits themselves are based on studies not harmful to the fetus that is being conceived.

Durian fruit contains certain components that can function as antioxidants, antibacterial, and antifungal, so it is very good to be consumed during pregnancy. However, this fruit contains enough calories and also sugar, so it is advisable not to be consumed in large quantities and should be avoided if you suffer from diabetes.

Strawberry fruit also contains many nutrients good for pregnancy such as vitamin C as an antioxidant and helps increase endurance, carbohydrates and fiber which is good for digestion. In addition to these three ingredients, this fruit also contains high water so that it can also help the body hydrated.

Therefore, as long as you consume both fruits are not excessive, both are allowed to be consumed during pregnancy and there is no data that states both are harmful to the fetus. But if you eat these fruits, it makes you nauseous or allergic reactions arise, it is advisable to avoid them.

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