Can You Get Pregnant After A Miscarriage?

Hello, I’m 32 years old, I’m married in August 2019, until now (March 2020) my marriage is 7 months.

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I understand your concern, the pain that is felt when taking the drug is caused by increasing the strength of uterine contractions that are used so that the remaining blood and tissue in the uterus can get out. so this is natural because of the effects of the drug, but if after taking the drug feels very unbearable pain, fainting weak and experiencing blood loss so much you should immediately bring your wife to the doctor who handles your wife. in order to be able to do the handling immediately or to the nearest emergency room.

whereas getting pregnant after a miscarriage can occur. According to the American Pregnancy Association, waiting for at least two or three menstrual periods seems safe to try to get pregnant again after a miscarriage (if tests or treatments for the cause of miscarriage are not done). Indeed, when trying to get pregnant again after a miscarriage, it must be in a condition that is completely recovered. If the body is not ready to support pregnancy again, the risk of having a miscarriage again increases. The body needs some time to restore the condition of the uterus and also to strengthen the endometrial lining in the uterus.

Indeed, there is no compelling reason that proves having to wait long to get pregnant again. However, make sure in optimal health before getting pregnant again. Taking prenatal vitamins folate before fertilization may need to be done in an effort to get a healthy pregnancy.

Take it easy, if you have had a miscarriage, the chance to get pregnant again until your baby is born is no different from someone who has never had a miscarriage. Usually women who have had a miscarriage will have a healthy pregnancy afterwards. At least 85% of women who have had one miscarriage can have a successful pregnancy in a subsequent pregnancy. 75% of women who have had two or three miscarriages can also have a successful pregnancy. The more miscarriages you experience seem to increase your risk of having another miscarriage. For this reason, you should prepare yourself (physically and mentally) before you try to get pregnant again.

it is not wrong for you to consult with your wife's obstetrician to carry out a pregnancy program or discuss with your doctor about it. if the doctor who handles your wife knows more about your wife's condition, so maybe the doctor can provide advice and treatment for the pregnant program.

there are some tips that can be done so that you can get pregnant soon

 enough wife for you and your wife to consume healthy and nutritious food avoid stress do not need to rush because it takes time and physical birth to be able to get pregnant again after miscarriage have sexual intercourse time with frequency more often about 2-3 times a week you and wife can consume folic acid to prepare for pregnancy routine exercise for physical fitness to be more healthy avoid consumption of alkhol and caffeine and smoking you can also read the following article do post treatment to the drop

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