Can You Give Birth Normally With The Baby Wrapped In The Umbilical Cord?

Illustration of Can You Give Birth Normally With The Baby Wrapped In The Umbilical Cord?
Illustration: Can You Give Birth Normally With The Baby Wrapped In The Umbilical Cord?

In the morning, I am 40 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks ago I took an ultrasound and the doctor said that my baby was wrapped in the umbilical cord 2 loops which were quite tight, as a result the position of the head was tilted slightly to the right. I was advised to undergo surgery, but I still want to give birth normally. I asked the midwife that the condition of the baby being entangled in the umbilical cord is a common condition and can still give birth normally, with a condition that is already 40 weeks but there are no signs of childbirth, is it true that I can still give birth normally? Please explain, thank you

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Hello Hany,

We understand your concern. In order to be able to give birth, several supporting factors are needed, namely:

Passenger: the fetus is in good condition, there is no fetal distress
Passage: the birth canal allows, no head-pelvis / pelvic disproportion is narrow, the birth canal is not closed by the placenta
Power: His / uterine contractions are good and the mother is strong pushing
Psychologically good mother
Capable birth attendant

In connection with umbilical cord twists, this condition can be harmless but can also cause fetal distress. If the twist is loose it is generally harmless. However, if the twists are tight, this can hamper the fetal circulation and there is a possibility that these twists may hinder the normal delivery process. If then there is fetal distress due to twists in the neck to strangle the fetus during a normal delivery, for example, then a caesarean section is still needed to help the fetus.

In your case, it is necessary to do an ultrasound and CTG to confirm the condition of the fetus, as well as the quality and quantity of uterine contractions. If possible, the gynecologist can lead you to a normal delivery. Normal delivery for fetuses that are entangled in the umbilical cord does require certain techniques to release the umbilical cord, sometimes the umbilical cord is cut early once the fetal head is out to minimize the risk. However, if based on examination the risk of normal delivery tends to be large or has the potential to cause fetal distress, it is likely that the doctor will recommend a cesarean section.

For your case, your pregnancy is already quite months and almost more than months. With the condition of the umbilical cord, I suggest that you return to the obstetrician for control. It would be better if you control more often, for example, once a week. If you are not satisfied with the results of the previous examination, you can try to seek a second opinion with another obstetrician. You better not worry and keep thinking positive. If it is possible to give birth normally, of course the doctor will help you to have a normal delivery.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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