Can You Mix Milk With Meat / Fish?

Illustration of Can You Mix Milk With Meat / Fish?
Illustration: Can You Mix Milk With Meat / Fish?

Hello doctor. Can I mix milk with fish / meat?

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Your plan to mix milk and fish or meat in one processed food is no obstacle and no restrictions. If you want to process milk in your diet and be processed together with other proteins, such as fish or meat, then you can continue to process this food. Of course processing food with milk and other protein ingredients needs to be done well and in accordance with the goals and recipes you have.

In principle, several things need to be considered related to food processing and food safety that you need to prepare and you need to pay attention, this is necessary to prevent damage to food and nutritional value and prevent contamination of microorganisms in the food you prepare. In addition, when cooking protein foods such as fish with milk, processing by boiling fish protein will help process fish with fat in it. However, indeed, fish or meat protein ingredients will provide a more creamy form of food.

Some things you need to consider in preparing food and processing:

 Look at the expired date of the milk you will use. Look at the condition of the fish and meat that you will prepare, whether it is still fresh or old and will be stale. Boil fish Clean with water and soap for the tool you will use to process food, so that there are no tools that are dirty or unclean Clean the surface that will come in contact with food that you are going to Cook protein and milk food ingredients so as not to damage the nutrients inside Serve food in fresh conditions as soon as possible, so as not to be easily contaminated if microorganisms If food must be stored in, then store food in a clean and free from the risk of insects or other pests You can add food ingredients from vegetables or fruit, so as to reduce excessive creamy taste and add vitamins or add nutritional variation. However, all this is necessary for you to discuss directly with the experts, related to how food processing and serving, so it does not damage the food you eat. Also discuss with your nutritionist doctor about the availability of nutrition in your food menu, so that the doctor can provide additional recommendations for other nutrients in your menu.

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