Can You Mix Vitamins With Children’s Milk?

Illustration of Can You Mix Vitamins With Children’s Milk?
Illustration: Can You Mix Vitamins With Children’s Milk?

Good morning, my child is 2 years and 2 months, these few days do not want to eat rice / porridge at all, but if given formula milk / snacks he wants, if I want to give vitamin appetite enhancer, can the vitamin be mixed with milk child formula? the best advice for vitamins Apialys or Elkana CL? Thank you

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Hello Desy,

Thank you for asking

Do not want to eat in children there are many possible causes. Before deciding to give your child an appetite enhancer drug or vitamin, you should first identify what factors are causing your child to refuse to eat.

Often, not wanting to eat in children occurs because of improper feeding patterns, such as the habit of forcing children to eat, boring food menus, getting children to eat while playing or staring at gadgets, giving punishment when children do not want to eat, and so on. Types of food that is too hard, too soft, too dense, and so on, which are not in accordance with the child's appetite can also make the child become unwilling to eat. If you have this, of course the addition of appetite enhancing vitamins is not the main key to handling.

In addition to improper feeding patterns, children may also not want to eat because they feel uncomfortable in their bodies, for example when they are teething, when they experience thrush, too full, nausea, weakness, tightness, sore throat, cough, runny nose, and so on. Some types of diseases, for example chronic infections, digestive disorders, malignancies, etc. can also reduce a child's appetite.

As we explained above, the provision of appetite enhancing drugs or vitamins to children less than 5 years should be consulted first to a doctor or pediatrician, especially if its use is intended for the long term. Because, the need for drugs or vitamins in each child's condition can be different. Doctors need to thoroughly evaluate the health condition of your child, then the best treatment steps can be taken. Depending on the type of medicine and vitamin you are going to give, mixing the drug or vitamin in formula milk may or may not be dangerous.

The products you mentioned contain good vitamins and minerals to support endurance, stamina, and also support the growth and development of children. With the consumption of this supplement, you can better ensure that your child's nutritional needs are met. However, as we have explained above, you should first check your child to the doctor to be evaluated, whether it is right for him to take these supplements, or not.

For now, so that your child's appetite improves, we recommend that you do the following tips first:

Reduce the frequency of formula feeding or any additional milk for children (there is no requirement for children who are older than 2 years to consume formula milk)
Limit snacks on children, except fruit or water
Feed children at regular hours 2 to 4 times a day
Don't make it a habit for children to eat while playing or using gadgets
Accompany children to eat together, for a pleasant dining atmosphere, together with loved ones
Teach your children to eat alone as early as possible
Vary your child's diet every day
Make food with flavors that are tailored to the tastes of children
Involve the child in the process of preparing and serving food
No need to force, especially to give a penalty if the child is very difficult to eat
Do not carelessly give drugs or vitamins to children without a doctor's recommendation

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