Can You Not Inject Tetanus After Being Bitten By A Centipede?

Illustration of Can You Not Inject Tetanus After Being Bitten By A Centipede?
Illustration: Can You Not Inject Tetanus After Being Bitten By A Centipede?

Doc I want to ask, today I was bitten by a centipede, and only caused swelling and rashes in my hands, and there were no serious symptoms. And according to the internet I read centipedes can cause tetanus. Because the centipede bite on my hand didn’t have too serious an impact, is it okay in the future if I don’t get tetanus injection after being bitten by a centipede? Thanks doc

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Hello Lusiana,

Thank you for the question.

Centipede bites can have various effects on health, can be mild, but can also be dangerous. In most cases, centipede bites will only trigger symptoms of mild inflammation in the former bite area, which is redness, swelling, itching, heat, and pain. However, in more severe cases, systemic inflammatory reactions can also occur due to toxins released by centipedes when biting, for example in the form of shortness of breath, body swelling, palpitations, even shock and death.

Centipede bites, especially those that are not treated properly, can indeed be a breeding ground for bacteria that cause tetanus. Your risk of developing this disease can also be higher if you did not previously get the complete tetanus vaccine.

However, to ascertain whether your injury is at risk of tetanus or not is not enough to do just based on brief information like this. First, you need to check yourself to the nearest doctor to be given the right treatment, yes. If it is suspected to be a den of spreading tetanus, the doctor will be able to give you injections of certain drugs later. Not only that, in order to minimize the negative effects caused by the bite of the centipede, it is recommended for you to:

Clean the bite using a sterile gauze moistened with intravenous fluids, press a little so that the poison and dirt out
To reduce swelling, cool compresses from the bite of the centipede and position it higher
Avoid giving any ointment, medication, or any ingredients to the centipede bite
Drink lots and eat nutritiously
Get more rest and live a healthy lifestyle

Hope this helps ...

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