Can You Take Aspirin During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Can You Take Aspirin During Pregnancy?
Illustration: Can You Take Aspirin During Pregnancy?

Night. Can a pregnant woman 36 weeks consume the drug MINIASPI 80 ACETYLSALICYLIC ACID? I was given the drug because the diagnosis of fetal BB is still lacking and my right hand feels stiff (especially when I wake up).

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The drug you mentioned contains acetylsalicylic acid or also called aspirin. This medicine works to prevent blood clots, reduce pain, and reduce fever. In general, the use of aspirin in pregnancy depends on the dose given and consideration of the benefits and risks.

High-dose aspirin (more than 100 mg / day) is not recommended during 3rd trimester of pregnancy, unless the benefits outweigh the risks or if needed in life-threatening conditions. However, low-dose aspirin as given to you or around 80 mg / day is still considered safe. But the consumption of aspirin during pregnancy must still be under the supervision of a gynecologist.

I suggest that you take these drugs according to the dosage given by your obstetrician and make sure to carry out pregnancy control according to schedule.

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