Can You Take Cold Medicine While 5 Weeks Pregnant?

Illustration of Can You Take Cold Medicine While 5 Weeks Pregnant?
Illustration: Can You Take Cold Medicine While 5 Weeks Pregnant?

Good night, I want to ask if you are 5 weeks old and have a cold, can you take panadol flu medicine? Thank you

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the drug you mentioned can work to relieve nasal congestion, cough with phlegm, and fever caused by flu. Each tablet contains 500 mg of paracetamol, 30 mg of pseudoephedrine HCl, and 15 mg of dextrometorphan HBr. drugs containing Paracetamol that function as pain relief and fever-lowering, pseudoephedrine HCl which acts as a decongestant or reliever of nasal congestion, and Dextromethorphan HBr which functions as an antitussive or dry cough reliever. Thus, this drug can be used to relieve cold symptoms accompanied by cough with phlegm.

the use of this drug for pregnant women in animal studies shows that there are side effects on the fetus, but there are no controlled studies in pregnant women. The drug should only be used if the magnitude of the expected benefits exceeds the amount of risk to the fetus.

Consumption of cold medicine for pregnant women is actually not recommended, especially in the first 12 weeks which is an important period of development of the baby's vital organs. Even some doctors forbid the use of cold medicine for pregnant women up to 28 weeks' gestation. Some types of drugs are considered safe after pregnancy past the 12th week. The thing to remember, avoid drugs that can overcome several symptoms at once. It is better to choose one drug to deal with one symptom that is really disturbing. To relieve pain and fever, a medication that can be taken is Yaruparacetamol. As for the consumption of drugs that can relieve flu symptoms, such as sneezing, nasal congestion, and cough, you should consult a doctor, so as not to interfere with pregnancy and the fetus.

In dealing with the flu during pregnancy, in addition to taking medication, you can treat it naturally, such as increasing drinking water or juice, eating lozenges and resting a lot. To relieve nasal congestion, place an alatairhumidifier in the room or by bathing warm water. While, to relieve cough or sore throat, gargle with warm water mixed with a little salt. Eating warm foods such as chicken soup is also believed to help relieve inflammation while relieving nasal congestion. and lots of rest and if necessary use a mask.

if symptoms do not improve as well and are accompanied by complaints of high fever and shortness of breath immediately go to the doctor to get proper treatment. Flu sickness in pregnant women should be treated with caution. If symptoms worsen or interfere, consult a doctor immediately. Use cold medicine for pregnant women only if it is considered necessary and should always be under the supervision of a doctor.

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