Can You Take TB Medicine During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Can You Take TB Medicine During Pregnancy?
Illustration: Can You Take TB Medicine During Pregnancy?

Good morning, I have 1 year of TB treatment at the hospital. After 1 year I felt very tired of being bored having to go back and forth to the hospital. The specialist lung doctor also talked like that to me. And finally the doctor stopped treatment. After 1 year I stopped taking my medication I felt my breath was like a snore and my appetite was reduced but I did not cough, or cough with phlegm. Now there are many questions for doctors: 1. There is still medicine left over from treatment, can I take it? 2. May I check the first health facility to request a referral to another hospital? 3. After a year I stop taking my medication, can I take TB medication? 4. I am 3 months pregnant, from the beginning of pregnancy until 3 months, my body weight remains 50 is normal? Please answer 🙂

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Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

The condition of pulmonary tubercoulosis is inflammation of the lungs due to infection from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, this is usually a chronic condition so that the treatment given is necessary in the long term. Usually the fastest completion of the drug is 6 months. But it can also be longer. Discontinuation of treatment is usually after the patient is declared cured and the medicine is stopped by the doctor. Some of the examined for TB sufferers are
1. Sputum examination
2. Blood tests
3. Xray checking
If the drug has stopped, you should first check the condition that you are experiencing at this time to the doctor so that it can be seen first the natural conditions at this time so that the drugs used can be appropriate because it could be that the type of drug you are taking will be replaced by a doctor.
In general, basic TB drugs can be used during pregnancy except the streptomycin group because they can cause damage or damage to the fetal hearing.
The condition mentioned by the mother should bring herself to the doctor for further examination and be seen if the TB infection is still active and requires treatment.
Some things he can do are
1. Fulfill adequate nutrition supported by fluids
2. Ventilate the house well so that it gets sun exposure
3. If there are people close to TB with TB should be treated immediately and use a mask
Thus the information that we can convey may be useful thanks

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