Can You Take Toothache Medicine?

Illustration of Can You Take Toothache Medicine?
Illustration: Can You Take Toothache Medicine?

Hello .. n apologize my sister has leprosy and has been undergoing treatment for 5 months (drug therapy) nbut earlier, the teeth were bloody where the teeth were cracked. and he said it hurt. My question is whether my brother can take dental medicine from it or not. he was afraid to take other drugs. I’m afraid there will be an effect on the leprosy. I ask for guidance

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Thank you for asking I am dr. Princess Claudya will help answer your questions.

So far, there has been no interaction between leprosy drugs and painkillers commonly used to treat mild to moderate pain, such as the acetaminophen (paracetamol) class or the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs class. So that when used together it is quite safe.

However, in order to carry out optimal treatment of your sibling's complaints, ideally the cause of the pain should first be ascertained, whether it is really due to a loose tooth filling as you conveyed, so that treatment can be more effective. The causes of tooth pain in your sibling can be caused by:

Cavities: Cavities can cause pain due to stimulation of the exposed tooth nerve. Holes in a tooth can be caused by erosion by dental plaque, loose fillings, or impact on the teeth. In your case, it is related to tooth fillings, it could be that the cause of your toothache is a filling that comes off but is in an area that is not visible so you don't even notice. However, it can also be caused by other conditions. Tooth enamel that is eroded, for example in the condition of frequent bleaching of teeth Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis): often caused by entry of germs through tooth loss or post-extraction infections. For this reason, it is better if your brother's condition is further consulted with the dentist to be examined directly. The doctor will further explore the course of the disease and will carry out dental and mouth examinations including checking whether your sibling's fillings are still in good condition or not. If necessary, a dental x-ray will be done to find out the exact condition and cause of your sibling's complaint. And after that the doctor will provide treatment for your brother in accordance with the underlying condition.

In addition, if painkillers are really needed, the use of painkillers should also be done after consulting a doctor so that you can determine the type of drug, dosage, and method of administration according to your sibling's condition to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the drug.

Some things you can do at home to reduce pain in your teeth while maintaining oral health are:

Compress the cheek on the side of the tooth that hurts with a cold compress Brush your teeth after eating and before going to bed Use dental floss to clean the remains of plaque between the teeth. foods that are too sweet to maintain the health of your teeth As much as possible avoid or limit procedures that erode tooth enamel such as bleaching, veneering, etc. That is the explanation from me. Hope it helps and useful :)


dr. Princess Claudya

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