Can You Use Clay To Deal With Dandruff?

Illustration of Can You Use Clay To Deal With Dandruff?
Illustration: Can You Use Clay To Deal With Dandruff?

, I ayu I often see my brother and even my mother and grandmother often shampoo using clay. After I found out it turns out that clay has 67 minerals that are good for the body. What I want to ask, what mineral content or content that makes the clay can clean dandruff? Thank you

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There is no valid medical literature regarding the composition of clay which is clearly beneficial for hair care.

Clay which is usually used for generations for the treatment of body skin and hair is clay that contains certain chemical compositions (Bentonite clay). So not all clay soils in nature can be used to treat hair.

So, we have not been able to provide information on what content in clay soil is useful for hair care.

From the medical literature we found, clay (bentonite clay) turned out to function to absorb certain plant poisons and pesticide content. In addition, the function of clay soils needs to be further investigated.

Dandruff itself is a condition where the scalp peels and causes itching. Dandruff can be caused by various things such as fungal infections on the scalp, rarely shampooing, using hair products that leave residue on the scalp, eczema / psoriasis, dry scalp type and stress both physically / emotionally also affect.

To overcome dandruff, you need to consider what triggers dandruff. Each person usually has a unique condition that triggers dandruff. When you know the triggers for dandruff, take care based on that. But do the following things to treat your scalp and hair:

Consumption of balanced nutritious foods (especially low-fat high-protein foods such as salmon / mackerel / salmon, vegetables and fruits vary each day.

Be consistent in living a healthy lifestyle and managing emotional stress well.

Wash your hair every 2 to 3 days with a shampoo that has the ingredients according to your scalp type.

Perform hair treatments such as cutting the ends of the hair every three months at least once.

Bask in the morning sun between 7 and 8, for 15 minutes every day. A scalp that gets sunlight in the morning, it can reduce dandruff complaints.

If after the scalp and hair treatment you have done routinely within 4 months, but still experiencing troublesome problems, please consult directly with a Skin Specialist. Your doctor will carry out a thorough medical examination and may recommend that you do a skin scraping test and a laboratory blood test to determine the diagnosis and cause of your medical condition. Handling Doctors will be adjusted to your condition.

Read more about Dandruff in this article.

Thus the info we can share, hopefully helps you.

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