Can You Use The Pill 2 Times Or Not?

Illustration of Can You Use The Pill 2 Times Or Not?
Illustration: Can You Use The Pill 2 Times Or Not?

I want to ask. On the 5th day I made a hub and some of the sperm got inside. In the morning I took a postinor. On the 6th I made a hub again but the sperm came out outside a little and then my cwok’s genitals hadn’t been cleaned anymore. Do I have to drink another postinor or what.

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Hello Wahyu, thank you for asking.

The emergency contraceptive pill you mentioned contains the Levonorgestrel composition. The substance is a synthetic progesterone hormone that is used to prevent fertilization of ovum cells by sperm cells. Prevention of fertilization is one of them through the mechanism of changes in the acidity and viscosity of vaginal mucus, making it difficult for sperm cells to move forward. The pill must be taken no more than 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse. Its effectiveness is said to reach 95% or even more.

The thing you have to pay attention to is, EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION PILS ARE NOT TO BE USED REPEATLY. This needs to be emphasized because there are many misuse of emergency contraceptive pills. Synthetic hormones can cause various side effects, namely:

Nauseous vomit.
Stomach pain and diarrhea.
Headaches from mild to migraine.
Depression and mood disorders.
Changes in the menstrual cycle, including amenorrhea (no menstruation for more than 3 months).
Menstrual volume that increases or decreases.
Bleeding outside the menstrual period.
Ovarian Cyst.
Vulvovaginitis (infection of the vulva and vagina).
Menstrual pain.
Breast pain.
Pelvic infections.
Endometritis (inflammation of the uterine wall).
Pain during or after sexual intercourse.

you can understand that there are many possible side effects that arise, causing the pill should not be used repeatedly. The more often a person uses emergency contraceptive pills, the higher the risk of side effects. If you really want to postpone pregnancy, please choose one type of contraception that is certain. Discuss with your midwife or doctor about this. In the meantime, avoid sexual intercourse as much as possible or use condoms.

That's the explanation that I can give. Regards.

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