Canine Tooth?

Illustration of Canine Tooth?
Illustration: Canine Tooth?

Good evening … n nI have a problem with my left upper canine. When I was a child, my canines were rocking, but because at that time I was afraid to go to the dentist, I just let it come out myself. As a consequence, when the tooth was pulled out, it turned out that the milk tooth had grown behind the loose tooth. So my new canine teeth are behind the teeth so they look toothless. And I just realized that both aesthetics and health are not good. Now I am 20 years and over, then how do I fix it ?? Can the canines that grow in the back can be removed and then tarus in front, hehe … (but he said canines can’t be removed) n n: ((explanation please. N nThank you very much 🙂

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Hello DwiSyah,

Anatomically, there are 2 types of human teeth, namely milk teeth and permanent teeth. Baby teeth are teeth that grow as babies and toddlers. Furthermore, starting from the age of 6-7 years one by one baby teeth will fall out / fall out. After the baby teeth fall out, they will be replaced by permanent teeth. Especially for the 3 rear molars, all of them are permanent teeth.

Coming back to your question, you probably mean that your teeth are lopsided (the canines protrude in and out of the dental arch). It is true that aesthetically, this condition can be annoying, besides that there is a possibility that it is more difficult to clean the untidy part of the teeth so that they are prone to accumulating plaque to tartar, and problems with chewing or talking may also arise.

The presence of untidy teeth arrangement can be corrected by using braces / braces by dentists. With regard to canine tooth extraction, there is no prohibition to extract canines. As long as the benefits are felt to be greater than the side effects, then the canines may be extracted, of course the dentist who is competent to extract teeth is yes. If you feel that it is interfering with the chewing process, the dentist may consider performing dental work first if it can be preserved, or installing the denture after it is removed.

I suggest that you go straight to the dentist so that you can carry out a further examination of the condition of your teeth and jaw and then the dentist can plan the most appropriate treatment for you.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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