Cannot Hear After Undergoing Lung Treatment

Illustration of Cannot Hear After Undergoing Lung Treatment
Illustration: Cannot Hear After Undergoing Lung Treatment

Hello, my mother’s hearing was interrupted due to treatment of her lungs, until now she still cannot hear, can her hearing come back?

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Hello Siti

Maybe what Siti meant was the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB), because there were so many lung diseases that it was difficult to know what treatment Siti's mother was actually undergoing.

In tuberculosis patients who are resistant (immune) with basic drug administration, the therapeutic treatment will be added to the drug streptomycin. Streptomycin itself has a risk of causing hearing loss or ototoxic in certain people and conditions. These side effects are generally reversible or can gradually improve if the use is stopped immediately. However, there are also conditions where the hearing loss becomes difficult or cannot improve even though the use of streptomycin has been stopped.

This can happen because the hearing loss can be influenced by a variety of factors, so even though undergoing TB treatment can potentially have these complaints it is also necessary to consider other factors that also cause patients to experience hearing loss. Such as

Presbycusis, namely decreased hearing due to increasing age
Hearing loss due to frequent exposure to high noise (noise induce hearing loss)
Exposed to chemicals that damage the nervous system's hearing
Inflammation of the middle ear
Accompanying diseases such as diabetes can also cause peripheral nerves to be damaged.

Siti's mother should see a doctor, because the cessation of TB drugs should be under supervision by a doctor. So even though there are side effects that arise you should consult with a doctor who treats Siti's mother first. Because if the treatment is stopped for too long then the TB disease will become failed to be cured and can become resistant to drugs that have already been taken.

So the goal of going back to the doctor is to continue the treatment of tuberculosis with other types of drugs which are certainly safe and do not trigger hearing loss, and ensure there are other factors that cause hearing loss.

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