Can’t Fart Yet?

Illustration of Can’t Fart Yet?
Illustration: Can’t Fart Yet?

Hello, good morning right away, my brother had already operated on the first three times the clamped intestine had been operated on and it turned out that the putrefaction occurred in the intestine, then the second operation was carried out, only after 4 days of surgery again because it did not waste gas and the third operation was cut by LG because there is a leak in his mouth and until now the tires haven’t exhausted the gas again

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Hello Mikayla,

Thank you for the question.

One sign that your bowel movements have returned to normal is the presence of gas or gas. After surgery the patient is not allowed to eat and drink for a while. The reason that the patient has not farted after surgery is usually anesthetic. Anesthetic not only serves to calm the patient, lull the patient, and make the patient feel nothing, but also makes the patient's small intestine and colon fall asleep or their movements slow down. Apart from passing gas, there is another sign that the intestines are working properly, namely: bowel movements are heard through a stethoscope.

Symptoms that may result from slowing bowel movements apart from being unable to pass gas include:

nausea burp vomiting abdominal tenderness abdominal pain constipation or constipation enlarged stomach Patients who have had a lot of action on the intestinal area or bowel surgery will tend to experience slowed bowel movements. The prevention of slowing bowel movements includes:

early light activity by turning the body back and forth in consultation with the treating doctor or performing the operation. After it is confirmed that the intestines are moving normally, the patient can consume food starting from liquids such as:

water fruit juice filtered honey sugar water This condition is of course after consulting a doctor first.

If you find signs of black or bloody bowel movements, as well as unbearable abdominal pain, it is better if this is immediately reported to the doctor on duty.

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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