Can’t Feel Drowsiness

Illustration of Can’t Feel Drowsiness
Illustration: Can’t Feel Drowsiness

Doc, how come I’ve never felt sleepy? Even though my body is tired my eyes are always fresh but I want to sleep but can never feel sleepy.

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Hello Atika,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clarified, how long have you had this complaint? Are you not sleeping at all due to this complaint?

Sleepiness appears as a signal from the body when the brain lacks oxygen. With sleepiness, then you will be provoked to sleep and rest, so that the body is not exhausted from activity and your brain can return to function as before when you wake up.

Drowsiness does not appear most often due to psychological problems, for example if you are under stress, anxiety, fear, happiness, or excessive sadness due to something. It could also be, the emergence of drowsiness is caused by side effects of drugs, hormonal influences, types of activities carried out, environmental conditions that are less comfortable (noisy, glare, noisy people), even also the condition of the body that is less comfortable (palpitations, pain, tightness, nausea, dizziness), and so on.

The conditions above can be improved enough with independent handling, some are in need of treatment from a doctor. However, considering that COVID-19 is currently outbreaking, it is recommended that you first postpone seeing a doctor for non-emergency cases.

Therefore, it is far better for you to handle your complaint first by:

Apply time to wake up and sleep regularly every day
Condition so that the environment where you work and sleep comfortably
Towards bedtime, do things that make you relax, for example by reading, drinking warm water, doing massage, listening to music
Discipline to exercise and busy your days with productive activities so that your sleep quality is better
Do not think too much, be diligent in relaxation
Do not take any medicine
Stay away from excessive consumption of caffeine, especially alcohol, drugs, and sleeping pills

If the steps above have not been successful in resolving your complaint, you can check with your doctor or psychiatrist later after the COVID-19 outbreak has subsided.

Hope this helps ...

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