Can’t Get A Period Even Though I’ve Taken Hormone Drugs?

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I want to ask a question, so at first I was often late for my period by less than 1-2 weeks, the last time I had my period was February 20-2018 but in March and April this month I have not had my period yet, I had a negative testpack and finally on the 10th of April yesterday I went to an obstetrician specialist at the hospital. Hermina Bandung was sent to an ultrasound and nothing happened, but according to the doctor, it was due to hormones. I was given cyclo progynova (for the night) and Inclanci (for the morning) and the dr said when the time was right. I’ll stop using cyclo progynova later, while I haven’t had my period until now, even now I’m not in the mood to eat like morning sickness, often have headaches and tired of wanting to sleep all the time and often drool, want to eat spicy food, while I don’t like rice, I So the dilemma is between going to menses or getting pregnant? Please ask for a solution, Obag, should this cyclo progynova stop or something like that?

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Hi Rin, thank you for your question

In patients with menstrual disorders in the form of oligomeorhea, which is the distance between menstrual cycles that is too long, it can be caused by hormonal imbalances. So in your case, the doctor prescribes cycloprogynova which contains synthetic hormones with the aim of helping to overcome your menstrual complaints.

Early signs of pregnancy and before menstruation are sometimes difficult to distinguish only from subjective complaints. So it is necessary to do another check to be sure. There's nothing wrong with checking the test pack again. It is better to use urine in the morning (after waking up) so that the results are more accurate.

If the results are positive, you should stop the drugs you are taking and consult your obstetrician again. However, if the results are negative, continue the medicine given by the doctor, consume balanced nutritious foods little by little but often to overcome your appetite complaints. Also do light exercise to maintain physical fitness and increase the consumption of 2-3 liters of water per day.

so the information from us may be useful,

dr. Barrel

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