Can’t Open Mouth After Dental Surgery?

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That night, I had surgery on my lower right wisdom teeth 7 days ago, my molars were impacted horizontally, until day 4 I still couldn’t open my mouth, and when I wanted to smile I felt stuck. My right ear also seems to catch a cold but it doesn’t heal until the 7th day, also my throat sometimes feels something is stuck. I have consulted the doctor who operated on me, he said maybe because there is still swelling, but I no longer feel swelling in my jaw. Is this the effect of the operation? And can I recover quickly? Because my right ear is also very disturbed and not healing… thank you doctor

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Hi Nadini,

Thank you for asking

Impacted wisdom teeth often cause various complaints. This complaint can be mild, namely in the form of temporary pain, but it can also be severe, which can cause swollen gums, stiff jaw, excessive saliva production, and even difficulty in chewing, swallowing, and speaking. Therefore, it is necessary to do the right treatment, namely by surgery.

Surgery for impacted wisdom teeth is carried out to prevent the risk of infection in the area around wisdom teeth that are inflamed. As long as it is carried out by professional medical personnel, namely dentists who specialize in oral surgery, wisdom tooth surgery is generally not a dangerous procedure. However, potential complications may occur, especially if the impacted wisdom teeth that you have previously experienced have already caused signs of a severe infection. Some types of complications that may occur are:

dry sockets; where a blood clot fails to form in the space of the former wisdom tooth, so the healing process will be hampered
Nerve injury; can occur temporarily or permanently, characterized by tingling, numbness
Infection; It can be characterized by fever, abnormal secretions from the wisdom teeth, and pain and swelling of the gums that don't go away
Bleeding; can occur in a short time (less than 3 days), but can also be prolonged

The complaints you are currently experiencing, namely difficulty in opening your mouth, difficulty smiling, discomfort in the ears, and a feeling of lump in the throat may indeed occur due to postoperative inflammation. This condition can persist for 3 to 10 days after surgery. However, it could also be a complaint as you are experiencing is a sign of nerve injury or infection in the surgical scar. If this is what you experience, of course, further treatment is needed.

If you've been to the doctor who operated on you before and it was found that there were no serious abnormalities, then you probably don't need to worry. You can take the following steps first to help relieve your complaints:

First, take post-surgery medication according to the doctor's advice --- usually the doctor will prescribe anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotics that can help overcome post-operative complaints
Limit activities that are too strenuous
Keep your head higher while sleeping
Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol
Don't scratch your ears too much
Eat soft foods first, and use the other side of the tooth to chew the food
Regularly brushing and gargling with antiseptic mouthwash to keep teeth and mouth healthy

However, if the complaint does not improve within 10 days after surgery, then you can go back to the dentist for further treatment.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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