Cantengan Become Perforated After Breaking?

Illustration of Cantengan Become Perforated After Breaking?
Illustration: Cantengan Become Perforated After Breaking?

So, like this, my younger sister’s index finger was kept on medication and was given an ointment. then the galama cantengan broke, and that made my little brother’s finger perforated. so my question is what is a simple disease, when it breaks, can it be perforated like that? I am sorry for my sister because she is in a boarding school far from parents. please explain, thank you

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Hello Nurul, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce Dr. Rio to answer the question.

Paronychia is a skin infection around the toenails / hands, which is usually caused by bacteria. Fungal infections can also cause this disorder, but it rarely happens. Complaints that will be felt on the toes / hands are pain, fever, to festering. These complaints will get worse as time goes by and are not handled properly.

One of the most common causes of infection is cantengan condition, where the growth of the nails is not normal, causing the nail to grow into so that pressing the surrounding tissue and cause accumulation of bacteria in the place. This condition often occurs in the big toe. Some other causes are poor manicure techniques, nails that are damaged by eczema, or trauma, etc.

Responding to the question you give, if it is true that what happens is only a paronychia due to cantengan, there should not be a cavity / hole in the finger. My guess is that paronychia has been a long time / chronic so that there is a complication called an abscess. Abscess itself is a buildup of pus in a body tissue. I suggest that for now ask permission from the pesantren where your younger sibling goes to school for some time to take care of your sister's wound, because if it is not handled properly the wound condition will worsen.

Right now what your sister can do is:

Avoid getting wet, scrubbing, getting dirty, and moisturizing the wound.
Avoid wearing footwear that is too open, or too narrow.
Consult your doctor immediately.
Get enough rest, and eat nutritious foods to increase your immunity.

That's all the answers I can give, thank you :)

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