Captopril Dose?

Illustration of Captopril Dose?
Illustration: Captopril Dose?

Excuse me,. I am 21 years old, 3 weeks ago the doctor recommended that 12.5mg of captopril be consumed a few days ago. I just read about Captopril caplets. Here I find more than 25mg of hypertension dose, while for heart failure only 6.5-12.5mg. Why is the hypertension dose greater than the dose for heart failure? Is hypertension more dangerous than heart failure? Or maybe there is something else in each dose? Sorry, and please understand, I’m just a layman who wants to know. Thank you,.

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Hello Ali,

Thank you for the question.

Hypertension is a condition where blood pressure is above normal. This is caused by narrowing of the arteries so that the resistance in the blood vessels gets higher, so that the pressure also goes high. Hypertension can cause symptoms such as headache, nosebleeds, dizziness, chest pain, and often does not give any symptoms. However, if left unchecked, in the long term, this condition of high blood pressure can result in certain medical conditions in the heart, such as heart failure, and disorders of other organs such as the brain (stroke), eyes, and kidneys. Therefore, hypertension is treated with several drugs and lifestyle modification.

One of the first choice drugs in hypertension is the drug you mentioned, which is a class of ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitors that work to reduce the angiotensin hormone which can cause blood vessels to narrow. Usually the doctor will prescribe this drug with a dose of 12.5 mg as the initial dose and advise the patient to modify lifestyle, and if hypertension is still not controlled, the doctor can give other additional hypertension medications.

Apart from hypertension, this drug is also used as the first choice of congestive heart failure. This drug works in heart failure the same as this drug works in hypertension, namely by relaxing blood vessels so that blood flow becomes smooth, and the heart becomes easier in pumping blood throughout the body, which is a problem in heart failure (heart fatigue in pumping blood).

Although hypertension is a risk factor for heart failure, not all heart failure patients have hypertension, so the dose used is not as high as the hypertension patient's dose, where in hypertension, the blood vessels have tended to narrow and require stronger relaxation. However, even though the dosage is different, it does not determine the presence of more severe illness than others. The severity of the disease is seen from the symptoms and clinical signs that the patient has.

Here are the additional things you need to do to help control blood pressure:

 Reducing foods that contain lots of salt. Maximum salt consumption per day is 1,500mg or equivalent to one teaspoon of salt. Do the DASH diet for people with hypertension. Exercise regularly 2-3x a week. Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks. Manage stress well. Routinely taking blood pressure-lowering drugs even though they have no symptoms or blood pressure is stable. Hopefully this information can help :)


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