Cardiac Catheterization Reading?

Illustration of Cardiac Catheterization Reading?
Illustration: Cardiac Catheterization Reading?

Hello doctor, I want to ask my father aged 53 years in the diagnosis of having a heart attack and was recommended for cardiac catheterization, which I ask about the results of this angiography what kind of explanation? LM: NormalLAD: Multiple stenosis in proximal-distal with maximal stenosis 70-80% LCX: CTO distal gets collateral from RCARCA: Irregguler, stenosis 70-80% in PDAKESUMPULAN: CAD 3VD Please explain from each of the 2 points mentioned, thank you

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Hello Tia

The results of angiographic examination give an impression with the impression that the presence of coronary heart disease that has attacked 3 blood vessels that supply blood to the muscles of the heart. The details are as follows

LM: is the main left artery of the heart, where the results obtained are normal

LAD: is the front left vein leading to the bottom of the heart, the examination results show that there is a narrowing at the top to the bottom around 70-80%

LCX: is a circumflexa vein, chronic total occulsion has occurred, but nevertheless gets blood flow from RCA

RCA: right-sided heart artery, an illustration shows that there is a narrowing of up to 70-80%

To more easily understand the location of blood vessels can be seen in the following figure

Coronary heart disease is the highest cause of death in the world, so that fast and precise handling and changes in lifestyle and lifestyle become healthier has a very big role for the health condition of patients with coronary heart disease. Consult this again with a heart doctor who treats your father in order to get maximum results.

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