Cardiac Echo Results?

Illustration of Cardiac Echo Results?
Illustration: Cardiac Echo Results?

Malem, I’m 19 years old. Today I have echocardiography of the heart and the diagnosis of dilated coronary sinus. What is coronary sinus? And what causes dilated coronary sinus because of what? I often feel headaches too, chest pain and tightness. This pain has been felt since I met, when it was severe when I was 2 years ago when I was UN. Please answer, thank you.

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A coronary sinus is a vein in the heart or vein. Blood vessels The heart veins hold blood that is not rich in oxygen or dirty blood from the heart muscle. These vessels consist of many veins which then one with another merge at the ends to form a coronary sinus. This coronary sinus delivers oxygen-rich blood to the right atrium. From the right atrium channeled to the right ventricle. From the right ventricle flowed into the pulmonary arteries. Henceforth, oxygen-rich blood experiences no gas exchange in the lungs.
Widening of the coronary sinus can be caused by disorders of the lungs, pulmonary arteries, right heart and coronary sinus itself. Some diseases that can cause a dilated coronary sinus, namely:
1. Atherosclerosis of pulmonary arteries
2. Tricuspid valve stenosis
3. Impaired right ventricular contractility
4. Lung edema
5. Etc.
You should re-consult with a cardiologist who performs the examination. Your doctor knows more about the cause of the expansion of the coronary sinus in you. The doctor will probably need further examination to find out. So, take treatment seriously. The treatment the doctor will give is based on the cause.
Some things you must do to maintain a healthy heart and lungs, namely:
1. Avoid foods containing bad fats.
2. Eating foods that are high in fiber.
3. Exercise regularly and regularly. Discuss with your doctor about what kind of exercise you can do and the limits of exercise you should not do. The doctor who performs the direct examination will know more about your physical condition in general.
4. Get enough rest, 6-8 hours a day.
5. Manage stress wisely.
6. Stop smoking, drinking alcohol and illegal drugs.
Thus hopefully useful.

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