Cardiac EKG Examination Results?

Illustration of Cardiac EKG Examination Results?
Illustration: Cardiac EKG Examination Results?

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Hello Mr. Mujiono, thank you for asking.

Your actions for a comprehensive health check are good. Try to regularly check your health at least once a year. Thus, if there are abnormalities in your organs, they will be detected as soon as possible, before they become bad. Regarding LAD, these results indicate the results of electrocardiographic readings.

The heart is located in the front of the chest cavity. Position diagonally with the left end of the heart pointing to the left and bottom of the chest cavity. The right heart is located in the middle of the chest, below the breastbone. The position of the heart is represented by an axis (axis). Normal heart has certain axis. If there is a left axis deviation, known as the LAD (left axis deviation), then there is a suspected enlargement of the left heart.

Enlargement of the heart space is not necessarily a form of abnormality. In the condition of someone who is physically active, for example in athletes or soldiers, the work of the left heart will be harder so that the left heart muscle thickens and causes an enlargement of the size of the left heart. This is not a problem, as long as the heart pump function is still good.

However, in other conditions such as chronic hypertension or heart failure, left heart enlargement can also occur. Therefore, LAD alone cannot directly describe the condition of heart abnormalities. Examination should be followed by other examinations such as echocardiography to assess the function and anatomy of the cardiac chamber.

Please consult with a cardiologist about this problem. Generally the doctor will assess your condition, and if there are no symptoms, then the doctor will only make observations. You can also continue doing aerobic exercise. Try to exercise with moderate intensity 3-5 times a week for about 30 minutes per session, or for a total of 150 minutes per week.

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