Care After Hemorrhoid Surgery?

Illustration of Care After Hemorrhoid Surgery?
Illustration: Care After Hemorrhoid Surgery?

Hello, five days ago I had hemorrhoid surgery. In the hospital 2 days after the operation was allowed to go home. After I do surgery every day the blood comes out and usually comes out when I wake up, it comes out a little. Is the blood harmful to health or injuries after surgery? Then, am I allowed to walk and squat? what if one day i want to defecate ?. And how is good care after doing hemorrhoid surgery ?. nThat’s all, thank you.

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Haemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are inflammation of the blood vessels in the anus which causes lumps, pain and bleeding during bowel movements. One way of handling hemorrhoids is by surgery. The following are some of the things you can feel after hemorrhoid surgery:

Pain in the anal area that will gradually improve, can last for 2-4 weeks
Bleeding usually lasts 1-2 weeks after surgery, so the blood that comes out in small amounts is still normal
Difficult BAK
Difficult to hold back and bowel movements
Constipation or difficult bowel movements
Infection in the wound is usually marked by the appearance of pus. To prevent this the doctor will usually prescribe antibiotics

The side effects of this operation will usually improve slowly, in 2 weeks you will usually be able to do your activities normally. The following are some of the things you can do after surgery:

Continue to carry out normal activities such as walking
Don't lift heavy weights
Avoid sitting for long periods
Shower as usual, however the anal area should be cleaned and dried carefully
Drink lots of water and eat fibrous foods
Do not push too hard when defecating, defecating in a half-squat position can help remove feces
You can do a sitz bath (soaking the anal area with warm water) for 15-20 minutes 3 times a day after defecating to reduce pain in the anal area and speed healing.
You can apply cold compresses to the anal area several times a day to reduce swelling and pain
Take medication from your doctor according to the instructions given

If the blood that appears increases and the complaints do not decrease after doing the above, you should consult a doctor. In addition, don't forget to re-control so that the doctor can assess wound healing.

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