Care And Treatment In Patients With Type 1 Diabetes?

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Diabetic ketoacidosis is a common DM complication. Namely emergency complications that require immediate treatment. For information about this, you can read more here.
We will describe each of your questions one by one.
1. Weight gain can indeed be caused by the effects of insulin medications. Where one of its functions is to store blood sugar. So of course this will cause weight gain. However, if it is drastic it is necessary to find out other causes. Based on your question in point no. 3, it is known that there is swelling in the legs. Where based on your identification, it is very illustrated that the swelling is caused by edema, which is body fluid that collects in cells between cells. This edema can also cause weight gain. You can discuss this with the treating doctor. Later the doctor will perform other examinations to find out other causes if there are.
2. An abscess is a collection of pus contained in a bag or membrane. Pus is formed from dead body cells, bacteria and inflammatory cells. An abscess is a complication of an infectious disease. Abscesses can occur in any part of the body. Including in the previous abscess area. Abscesses can reappear in the same place if the infection process has not been successfully overcome completely.
3. We have already answered point question number 1. The causes of edema are numerous. To be able to know it requires a thorough examination by a doctor. For that, discuss further with the doctor who handles it directly.
4. Immune system is very closely related to a healthy lifestyle, that is eating with a high nutritional content and adequate rest. Regarding eating patterns, you should consult with a nutritionist. Because there is type 1 DM, which is a metabolic disease, it requires proper calorie regulation so as not to aggravate the disease but still be able to increase the body's immune system.
5. Regarding activities, follow the advice of doctors who deal directly. Because this is very concerned about overall health and physical condition that can only be known by the doctor who directly handles it through the results of the examination. For a while rest for 3 months, after that will be determined later after the doctor performs another examination after these 3 months.
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