Care For Sensitive Facial Skin

Illustration of Care For Sensitive Facial Skin
Illustration: Care For Sensitive Facial Skin

Afternoon dock, I want to ask the doc, before I was 16 years old, my skin is sensitive then it is rather bruntusan and there are black spots spots I am confused if I want to use skin care, now I am currently using face wash cetaphil doc, but I hear u0026sup2; more good sebamed doc now I’m confused, according to what is a good skin care doctor for me ???

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Hello Intan

Thank you for the question.

Sensitive skin does require extra treatment because it is easier to experience a variety of skin problems, including black spots and spots. Treatment for sensitive skin types should ideally be determined directly by a doctor or dermatologist who examines you directly, because the skin condition of each person certainly can not be generalized right? What's more, in a free forum like this, it's certainly not ethical if we recommend you certain brands of skin care products.

In people with sensitive skin types, facial cleansing soap is suggested to be the lightest ingredient, labeled hypoallergenic and non-irritating, and free from fragrance, coloring, soap, detergent, sulfate, and alcohol in it. In addition, people with sensitive skin types are also advised to wash their face every morning and evening, then gently dry (do not over-rub) the skin, and apply a moisturizer and sunscreen before activity. Not recommended to use excessive cosmetics, do not also hold facial skin with dirty hands, and do not carelessly squeeze bruntusan skin or slough off black spots on the skin. Finally, discipline to live a healthy lifestyle, go to bed early and regularly, drink plenty of water and eat fruits, and don't stress too much.

Later, after the COVID-19 outbreak has subsided, we recommend that you continue to check your skin condition directly to the doctor or dermatologist to choose the best type of skin care product, right?

I hope this helps.

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