Cat Attack Wound?

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Good morning doctor, I want to ask about the cat’s wound. yesterday I was scratched and bitten by my cat on the right hand causing sores and swelling. actually immediately after the incident I cleaned my wound and saw a doctor in the ER for further action, and luckily nothing bad happened. 1 day after the incident (today) my palms swelled and made it difficult for me to do activities. What I want to ask is:

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Hi erina, thanks for the question for

Swelling that you experience on the palms of your hands is normal after cat bites and scratches. Swelling is one sign of an inflammatory reaction or inflammation which is the body's response when there is an injury to the skin. This inflammatory reaction will help the body fight infection that enters from the bite and scratch of the cat.

However, you should still pay attention to the swelling that occurs. Cat teeth and cat claws contain a lot of bacteria that can cause skin infections, so wound care and antibiotics are very necessary after cat bites and scratches to prevent infection from developing in our bodies. Normally the swelling will subside in 2-3 days if the wound is treated properly. However, as the infection progresses, your wound will appear more swollen, red, and painful and will not subside within 3 days. You may also feel a fever and feel unwell or your wound may ooze pus or have an unpleasant odor.

If you experience signs of infection, you should immediately return to the doctor for further treatment. In addition, you need to tell your doctor whether the cat that bit you and scratched you is a domestic cat or a stray cat (a cat that walks outside) and whether the cat that bit and scratched has been fully vaccinated. Cat bites and scratches (especially feral cats) are also at risk of transmitting tetanus and rabies. If the cat is a stray cat and has not been vaccinated, then you need to get antitetanus and antirabies as well.

For your wound, if the wound does not experience further infection, usually the wound will dry itself in 3-5 days (depending on the size of the wound, location of the wound, wound care, and so on). To ensure that no further infection occurs, make sure your wound is kept dry and clean and that there is no need to apply ointments (unless your doctor prescribes an ointment for the wound) or certain ingredients on the wound.

That's all the information from me, hopefully it's enough to answer

dr. Irna Cecilia

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