Cat Kidnapped Eye Medicine?

Illustration of Cat Kidnapped Eye Medicine?
Illustration: Cat Kidnapped Eye Medicine?

Hello, this morning at 11 o’clock my eyeballs were grabbed by my kitten who is only 1-2 months old. Until now, my eyes are sore and watery. I have tried using eye drops, but it still hurts. What are the recommended antibiotic / antifungal eye medications that are recommended so that my eyes return to normal? Thank you ..

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Hello Nurfatihaham,

Eye complaints that feel sore and watery like yours can indeed be the result of eye irritation. A history of trauma to the eye, irritants such as dust, wind, cigarette smoke, and habits such as rubbing or rubbing the eyes can cause this.

Stinging and watery eyes can also be caused by:

The presence of a foreign object in the eye
Allergic reaction
There is a blockage in the tear glands

If eye complaints are still being felt, you should see an ophthalmologist so that you can do a more detailed direct physical examination using a special tool to assess the condition of your eyes and then be given appropriate treatment according to your eye condition.

In the meantime, to help reduce eye complaints, recommendations that can be done:

Compress the eyes with a clean warm towel to help soothe the eyes and soothe sore eyes
Do not rub or rub your eyes
Wash your hands before and after touching your eyes
Avoid exposure to dust, cigarette smoke, sunshine and wind
If necessary, wear protective glasses when traveling outside the house, especially when using a motorbike

Read also the cause of sore eyes

May be useful,

Dr. Adhi P

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