Cataract Eye Surgery Success Percentage?

Illustration of Cataract Eye Surgery Success Percentage?
Illustration: Cataract Eye Surgery Success Percentage? Bing

I want to ask a question, I want to register, but I have an eye problem, so my eye is blurry in the middle of the eye, the doctor said the nerves are white, what does he mean, and what does he mean, he said it can’t be operated on, while the nerves in the eye are white and people with cataracts can be operated on I’ve been checked by the doctor and I was given medicine when I asked when the surgery was going to always say the doctor couldn’t even though I didn’t think it was worse than cataracts, how come I can’t have surgery? please answer…thank you

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From the information you conveyed, the information about your eye nerves turning white needs to be clarified directly to your ophthalmologist, the causes and diagnostics. Because the nerves of the eye are white, I can't find any medical information anywhere. So it is necessary to discuss directly with your doctor.

Even if you mean that this complaint is caused by cataract of the eye, where the lens of your eye is cloudy and starts to look white, then cataract treatment in patients can be treated with laser surgery, but this needs to be confirmed by your ophthalmologist. And you can also ensure that the surgery is delayed, whether due to inflammation, infection, or high pressure in the eyeball.

In addition, patients with cataracts or after cataract surgery, may also experience difficulties in recruiting soldiers. However, this also needs to be confirmed with the authorities.

You can also ask for a second opinion to another ophthalmologist, regarding your eye complaints. Thus, other ophthalmologists can also find out the condition of your eyes and consider treatment for this complaint.

Thus the information that we can convey, read also the contraindications for cataract surgery and cataract surgery.


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