Cataract Treatment Without Laser Surgery?

Illustration of Cataract Treatment Without Laser Surgery?
Illustration: Cataract Treatment Without Laser Surgery?

Hello Doctor … r nPlease allow me to ask, can cataract be shot with a laser without having to replace it with an artificial eye lens? Because I saw my mother and sister who after cataract surgery, a few months later both eyes had to be shot with a laser to remove I am curious, if the artificial eye lens can be shot with a laser, can the original eye lens affected by a cataract be shot with a laser to remove the cataract so that there is no need to have surgery to replace it with an artificial eye lens? affected by cataract and if possible the cataract is shot with a laser so that there is no need for surgery and lens change. r nPlease explain. Thank you for your attention.

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Hello good afternoon Zipora.

Cataract is an eye disease characterized by cloudiness in the lens of the eye, so that vision becomes impaired. Symptoms of cataracts include glare, foggy vision, seeing halos or halos around lights and other light sources, double vision, etc. The main risk factor for this condition is the age factor, because as you age, the protein that makes up the lens will change so that the previously clear lens becomes cloudy. Apart from age, other factors that increase the risk of developing ataracts include diabetes, family history of cataracts, smoking, prolonged exposure to the sun, and so on.

There are 2 types of cataract treatment with action. The first is surgery and the second is by using a laser. Until now, cataract surgery is still the only effective treatment for cataracts. The procedure for this procedure is to remove the cloudy lens and replace it with a clear artificial lens. It should be noted, however, that in the treatment of cataracts with laser, IOL (Intra Ocular Lens) is still needed. The laser will incise and open the eye lens capsule, then the laser energy will soften the cataract in the lens, then the cataract that has been softened and the lens will be sucked using a tool, and after that the IOL will be placed into the eye.

Although some experts say that laser surgery is better than surgery (because the procedure is faster and it causes relatively less cell damage), lasers have not been the main choice for ophthalmologists. One of the reasons is because this procedure is more expensive and usually cataract lasers are not covered by government social security administrators or other health insurance).

According to current medical guidelines, only certain patients can be offered cataract laser procedures. The first is that if the patient has astigmatism (also known as astigmatism by the common people) and wants correction of the abnormality during laser surgery, in this condition the incision is special and different. The second is if the patient chooses to use a special artificial lens, such as an artificial lens that is used to treat astigmatism (Toric IOL), a special artificial lens that can improve the focus of vision near and far (Multifocal IOL), because the use of this lens requires lens placement. with high precision and requires special lens mapping, which can only be done using laser procedures.

It is recommended that you and your husband consult your ophthalmologist again for treatment options that suit your husband's eye condition and other conditions.

That's all, hope it helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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