Cause 1 Year Old Child Often Can Not Sleep At Night?

Illustration of Cause 1 Year Old Child Often Can Not Sleep At Night?
Illustration: Cause 1 Year Old Child Often Can Not Sleep At Night?

… my baby is 13 months old … from my birth until now my baby is always awake in the mlm of the day starting at 12 mlm to 4 in the morning … I have tried to adjust the time of the clock, but he is still awake every mlm , so that during the day he sleeps more, does his habit bs adversely affect his development? Because at this age he has not been able to walk smoothly … thanks

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One of the main factors forming baby sleep patterns is habit. Babies who are often awake at night are usually caused by the habit of sleeping a lot during the day. As a result, after nightfall, he is no longer sleepy and wants to always play. If it occurs in the early days of life, for example in the first 1 to 3 months, this condition can be said to be reasonable due to the baby's adaptation period that has not been good in responding to differences in day and night. However, if this condition continues until the age of more than 1 year, of course this needs special attention and needs to be changed.

Try to look at how long your baby sleeps during the day? Babies over 1 year old normally take no more than 6 hours of napping. Even at night, normally this baby will sleep more awake than awake. Also observe, is there a wrong condition in your baby's body or the surrounding environment? Does your baby appear to experience pain, shortness of breath, cough, colic, bloating, itching or other complaints? Is the bed environment too glare, noisy, cold, hot, or so on?

Overcoming a messy baby sleep pattern you can do with the following approaches:

Get used to babies always wake up and sleep at the same time every day
In the morning to the afternoon, busy your baby with a variety of play activities, so that at night he will more easily feel tired and sleepy
In the afternoon, bathe the baby with warm water to help relax the muscles of his body before going to sleep
Do not give the baby food too late so that the stomach does not feel too full, or even bloating
Perform gentle massage on the baby's body so he feels more comfortable
After entering sleep time, avoid over-interacting with the baby, for example by playing or joking, if necessary pretend to sleep. If the baby cries, feed him until he feels full, then let him back.
Make the conditions of the bed comfortable, dimly lit, not noisy, not too hot or cold
Avoid giving the gadget to the baby
Nor does it give any medicine to the baby

Sleep has an important role in supporting the growth and development of infants. As long as your baby is still sleeping enough during the day, this condition is certainly not too dangerous. However, babies who are often awake at night continuously can certainly be very tiring, not only for the baby, but also caregivers (including you as a parent). Therefore, the best handling needs to be done so that complaints do not occur prolonged. Baby's growth and development can also be disrupted by it.

Not being able to walk at 13 months doesn't always indicate something abnormal. According to much literature, babies generally can walk at the age range of 9 to 18 months. You need to be aware of developmental barriers, if after reaching the age of 18 months your baby still has not shown any ability to walk. If this condition occurs in your baby, check it directly to the doctor or pediatrician to be given the best treatment.

I hope this helps.

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