Cause A 1.5 Year Old Child Is Infected With Pneumonia?

Illustration of Cause A 1.5 Year Old Child Is Infected With Pneumonia?
Illustration: Cause A 1.5 Year Old Child Is Infected With Pneumonia?

Hello doctor, I have a 15 month old baby, since my wife and I work in a place that is a bit far away, we always bring the child back and forth to work on a motorbike, as a result my child often coughs colds, is that a danger. Can you also get pneumonia?

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Pneumonia / pneumonia is an infection that occurs in the lungs which can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi, which enter the respiratory tract, and infect the air sacs in the lungs / alveoli. The alveoli or air pockets in the lungs function as air exchange and if infected they will usually contain fluid, phlegm, or even pus, which will cause respiratory problems, such as coughing and irritating feeling of tightness. Other symptoms that can appear are:

chest pain that gets worse when coughing
dry cough / phlegm and sometimes accompanied by wheezing
breath feels heavy and fast
fever, chills and sweating
decreased appetite
muscle ache
nausea and vomiting
pounding heart

Those at risk of getting pneumonia include:

infants and children under 2 years of age
seniors over 65 years
people with chronic lung disease
patients in the hospital, especially those who use breathing apparatus

A cold cough is a disease of the upper respiratory tract which, if not treated properly, may also cause pneumonia. In addition, if the child has insufficient nutrition, an unhealthy environmental condition, and poor immunity such as not doing complete immunization, the possibility of developing pneumonia will be even greater.

It is better to consult a pediatrician so that it is more in-depth and clear about how to handle your child's cold cough again and again, so that your child can also be examined by a pediatrician to correct nutritional status, health status and immunization history as well.

To prevent your child from the dangers of pneumonia, do tips such as:

increase children's nutritional intake so that their immune system is maintained
Keep children away from unhealthy environments such as cigarette smoke pollution, vehicle fumes and poor ventilation
avoid children from chronic lung sufferers or lung sufferers that are infectious / contagious
do complete immunization in children according to schedule

a few of us hopefully answer, thank you.

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