Cause BAB Baby 2 Months A Day 2x?

Illustration of Cause BAB Baby 2 Months A Day 2x?
Illustration: Cause BAB Baby 2 Months A Day 2x?

Hello, I want to ask when my child is not even 1 month there is a rash in the genital area, was brought to the hospital said he was allergic to cow’s milk, after that I ganty formula milk with zoya with body weight increased by 1.5kg in a month BAB also did not every days, then at the age of 1 month and above I began to replace formula with normal milk no longer rashes but weight gain for 1 month only increased by a pound and defecation in a day could be 2 to 3 times … that’s why doctor? thank you

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Hello Avindaanggra, have already asked

Rashes in the anal / genital area can be caused by:

Prolonged exposure to urine / feces triggers irritation in the anal and genital area of ​​infants
Irritation of soap, powder, fragrance or detergent / fabric softener.

Lactose intolerance: causes acidic lactose to be excreted through feces, and because it is acidic it can irritate the skin around the anus and genitals.
Cow's milk allergy: generally accompanied by diarrhea and rashes (most often in the cheek area).
Bacterial or persistent infection due to skin being covered in diapers for too long

Be a concern for the mother, if the rash is accompanied by fever, turns into festering or bleeding, take the baby to the doctor immediately. The frequency of defecation for infants aged 0-6 months ranges from 2-6 times a day, as the age of the child increases the frequency of bowel movements will decrease, if the stools of your sister's children are consistent as usual, do not contain mucus and blood, can be said to be still within normal limits.

Breast milk is the safest and good nutrition to meet the nutritional needs of infants, especially at the age of 0-6 months. It is highly recommended to exclusively breastfeed a child at that age. It is recommended to replace the previous formula milk with partially perfect hydrolyzed milk, but soy milk (soy milk) can also be one solution. Weight gain depends on the baby's intake (you can pay attention to the calories contained in each milk product used) and the calories removed (if the child is sick, the calories the child uses will increase). It is recommended to avoid using diapers (except when the child is taken to travel), but instead use cloth pants, to avoid prolonged exposure to baby's urine and feces (reducing irritation); bathe the baby with baby soap made from soft and clean baby clothes with soft soap, no need to use softener / deodorizer.

If it does not go away, it is advisable to see a doctor. The doctor will implant a full, examine your daughter and if judged there are indications, will prescribe an ointment containing corticosteroids to reduce inflammation.

Read the following article about how to deal with diaper rash.

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