Cause BAB Baby Is Runny And Slimy?

Illustration of Cause BAB Baby Is Runny And Slimy?
Illustration: Cause BAB Baby Is Runny And Slimy?

My child is 6 months old and has begun mapping, for the first time I tried giving it red rice porridge. The normal chapter is not liquid, but when you replace the banana flavored porridge why does the chapter become runny and slimy? What my child does not match the banana flavored porridge

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Hi Denniseka,

Thank you for the question.

BAB baby that is liquid and slimy can indicate disorders of the digestive tract, for example due to infections (such as typhus, rotavirus, e.colli, dysentery), food allergies, malabsorption, intolerance, inflammation of the intestine, irritable bowel syndrome, poisoning, and many other possibilities . Not only because of the porridge that you give out, digestive disorders can also be caused by food or other drinks it consumes.

Need to be clarified, how many times a day does your baby have a bowel movement? Does he also experience nausea, vomiting, fever, bloating, colic, lazy breastfeeding, or other more severe complaints? How many days has he experienced the defecation?

Our advice, if your baby's bowel movements still occur 1-3 times a day, you do not need to worry or panic too much. Take the following steps to improve his condition:

Give him more milk and water
Prioritize giving natural, homemade MPASI, limit instant MPASI administration
Start making MPASI from a single menu, the consistency is soft or liquid, the milk is mixed into it, and no added flavorings
If there are certain menus that make a baby's complaint appear or worsen, note the menu, and limit the menu for a while until the baby's complaint improves
Make sure you only give babies food and drinks that are cooked, hygienically processed, do not contain harmful chemicals
Also keep the environment around the baby clean

However, if the baby's bowel movements occur very often (more than 5 times a day), or to cause the emergence of other complaints that are more severe as mentioned above, it's good to check your baby directly to the doctor or pediatrician so that the condition can be handled properly according to the cause. .

I hope this helps.

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