Cause Black Urine?

Illustration of Cause Black Urine?
Illustration: Cause Black Urine?

my father drank Wulung coconut water … Why is urine black?

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For complaints of black urine, there are some things that need to be further known.

have you ever experienced black urination before, is there a history of previous illnesses such as gallstones, blockages in bile salts, kidney disorders and so on. then, whether this black urine complaint is sudden or has been going on for several weeks.

There are several possible causes of diseases that cause black urine, among which are disorders of the bile duct that function to give color to the urine and stool. blockages in the bile ducts can be caused by stones, inflammation of the bile ducts, inflammation of the bile glands, or because of an infection that causes inflammation around the bile ducts.

Apart from the bile ducts, black urine complaints can be caused by abnormalities of urination equipment, such as wounds in the urine drainage device, or the presence of kidney disorders that cannot function to filter fluids properly.

besides, it can be caused by the habit of consuming blood-thinning medication which can cause blood to get out of the body easily one of them through urine. blood thinning medication is usually taken by patients who suffer from heart blockage, or high cholesterol.

to overcome the black urine, you should check with a urology specialist for further examination such as being examined with a laboratory from urine, ultrasound examination around the urine removal organ, examined by a blood laboratory and so on.

for the relationship with drinking coconut water with black art asir, until now there has been no research that explains the relationship.

things you can do at home to prevent black urine:

Drink plenty of water at least 2L per day

- Reducing colored drinks such as black, red soda and so on

-Clean the area around the genitals where urine comes out

-Reduce fatty foods so that it can help reduce the workload of our bile.

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