Cause Bleeding When Coughing?

about 2 weeks ago I had a bloody cough but only once and the thin red color was not thick. tomorrow the cough is phlegm yellow and thick. There is no more blood. Then the paint still has phlegm but the color of the sputum is normal until now. But last time, sometimes it still coughs if you take a deep breath, but there’s no phlegm or blood, just a normal cough. Sometimes a little itchy throat. If it is normal as of today. I get sick on the first day when I have coughing up blood, I immediately go to the puskesmas first because the closest one. If a doctor has to make an appointment first, it’s complicated, after a few days after the health center is still sick, I want to see a doctor. The doctor said this was strep throat. The next day there was no blood clot, instead the phlegm was yellow. And then I felt normal again. My question, this was a long time ago, about 2 weeks. I feel normal again. Is this the body’s reaction that I have recovered completely or still need to see a doctor? And this is the first time for me, I do not have any disease. So even though I feel there is a feeling of worry whether it has healed or not. Now I try to breathe in even normal, not coughing.

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The release of blood along with a cough does look quite surprising, and will certainly make the sufferer worry for fear of the serious diseases that cause the coughing up of the blood. However, basically the blood that comes out along with coughing can come from the airways such as nose, throat, windpipe, lungs.

Bloody cough indicates that there is damage to the blood vessels around the airway which can refer to respiratory disorders or diseases such as tuberculosis or bronchiectasis, but coughing with blood can also be caused by certain conditions, such as. :

chronic cough
heart failure
side effects of drug use or blood thinning drugs
autoimmune disease processes (lupus, Chrug-Strauss syndrome, Wegener's granulomatosis)

If current conditions are all back to normal, and your body responds to prescriptions given to doctors from the health center, then the conclusion is that your body is healthy, so you don't need to take medication anymore. However, if you feel unsteady, there is nothing wrong if you do a check up to ensure that the inflammatory disease has disappeared and you can consult your doctor about things that need to be avoided and that is done to keep your inflammation from recurring. A little advice from us related to several factors that can cause coughing up blood, so you should take precautions, such as:

Always keep the air vents in the house in good condition and smooth
Use a nose mask or mask to keep your airway in good condition when you drive or in public areas and avoid cigarette smoke and vehicle fumes
Try to close your mouth properly when you sneeze or cough
minimally try to always wash your hands before or after eating and also when handling the nose
Apply a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and consuming fruits and vegetables every day so that your immunity can be maintained.

Thus our explanation, may be useful.

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