Cause Braces Easily Detached?

Illustration of Cause Braces Easily Detached?
Illustration: Cause Braces Easily Detached?

, my stirrup wire is easily broken, is the effect not affected by rubber? the problem is the stirrup tip is the right end and the left end is not given rubber? please explain 🙏

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Hi Vikry,

Thank you for asking

Need to clarify beforehand, where before you undergo the installation of braces? Is it at the dentist or not?

Dental braces can be used as an alternative to overcome a variety of dental and mouth problems, including the result of uneven tooth position, asymmetrical jaw between the top and bottom (tonggos or cakil), teeth that are too much (overcrowded), and so on. However, in fact, to get optimal results, the installation of these braces needs to be done directly by experts, namely dentists or orthodontic specialists.

Attachments between teeth and braces can be affected by a variety of factors, including operator skills, the adhesive used, the severity of the condition of the teeth and / or jaw, the care they take, the patient's habits (for example eating habits that are too hard or sticky), etc. The condition of your braces that are easily separated is likely caused by interference with one or more of the factors above.

If this condition is left, of course the purpose of using braces that you do can not be achieved properly. Therefore, we recommend that, as early as possible, consult your complaint to the nearest dentist to identify the causes and treatments that need to be done to overcome them. For now, so that braces don't come off easily, we recommend that you don't consume hard and sticky foods first, chew your food equally on the right and left side of your teeth, and avoid over-scratching the braces using fingers, toothpicks, or any tool. Always keep your teeth and mouth clean so as not to cause new problems in your teeth and mouth which makes the goal of installing braces unattainable.

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