Cause Can Not Hear The Alarm When Sleeping?

Illustration of Cause Can Not Hear The Alarm When Sleeping?
Illustration: Cause Can Not Hear The Alarm When Sleeping?

Morning, I want to ask why I have a hard time hearing my alarm when I sleep, I am 14 years old, I like to go to bed early but it always wakes up late because I don’t hear the alarm so I have to wake up my parents, I sleep with my brother who snores loudly what does it matter huh? thank you

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Hi Raffa,

Thank you for asking

When sleeping too deep, various stimuli from the outside (including sound stimuli), can indeed be vague. This does not always reflect an abnormality. Provided that when not sleeping you can hear well without obstacles, meaning that your condition does not need to worry.

Even so, it is difficult to wake up when you hear the alarm can be very disturbing activities. It is not impossible, you will often be late for school and pass important moments in your life. You can first resolve your complaint with the following trick:

Busy yourself with productive activities so that you sleep better quality, including regular exercise, not excessive drinking caffeinated drinks (maximum 1 cup per day), stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, not carelessly take medicine, don't over-use gadgets, don't eat too late at night, maintain ideal body weight
Create a regular sleep and wake schedule every day (6 to 9 hours a day is optimal)
If possible, take a nap even for a short time (30-60 minutes)
Before going to sleep, intend in your heart that you will wake up earlier, so you can start the day earlier
Set the alarm with a loud ring, a striking sound, and place it close to you but not too easy to reach hands (so you do not easily turn off the alarm and then go back to sleep)
Do not hesitate to ask to be raised by your close relatives if it's difficult just to rely on the alarm

Disturbances from your brother who snores near you may make it more difficult to sleep, so it will also be harder to wake up in the end. If possible, you can ask your sister to check her condition to the doctor so that it is handled properly. So he does not snore, also ask him to sleep sideways, avoid obesity, and always live a healthy lifestyle. If it's difficult, sleep separately from your sister.

Sleep certainly is not only a matter of quantity, but also of quality. As with lack of sleep, excessive sleep is not good for health because it can make you weak, difficult to concentrate, increased body weight, dizziness, mood swing, and many other complaints appear. Therefore, if the steps above have not succeeded in making your sleep patterns improve, do not hesitate to check yourself directly to the doctor. If necessary, the doctor may coordinate with an ENT specialist to monitor the possibility of hearing loss that underlies your complaints.

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