Cause Changes In Emotions On Different Days?

Illustration of Cause Changes In Emotions On Different Days?
Illustration: Cause Changes In Emotions On Different Days?

r nOne day I suddenly become good r nThen the next day is not good, why is it … then sometimes I forget what happened yesterday … r nWhy is that … ?? r nThank you for the answer

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From the information you convey, any changes in the emotions you feel on different days may be caused by differences in your moods and differences in environmental conditions or social relationships around you. At certain times you face something fun, then you can enjoy a better day, but when you feel certain anxiety or a load of thoughts that you consciously feel or unconsciously you experience, it can cause different emotional outbursts. So controlling emotions and controlling the causes are important steps for you to reduce emotional changes that might bother you.

In addition, when you experience uncomfortable emotional changes or the burden of your thoughts increases, your focus and concentration will be disturbed, this causes you to forget about an important event or thing that you experienced before.

Therefore, controlling stress and controlling the burden of thoughts and getting enough sleep will help increase your emotional resilience, and help good memory power.

If this complaint bothers you more, then you should consult a psychiatrist or psychologist in your city.

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