Cause Children Are Not Independent And Do Not Believe In Their Own Family?

Illustration of Cause Children Are Not Independent And Do Not Believe In Their Own Family?
Illustration: Cause Children Are Not Independent And Do Not Believe In Their Own Family?

how to deal with children Not independent, and why are children more comfortable telling stories to others that Dy chooses and deserves to trust his family’s appeal?

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Being independent is an important thing for everyone. In order to become accustomed to being independent, this attitude needs to be trained and educated since childhood. If not, food can only continue to depend on the parents or those around them and find it difficult to adapt to the environment as an adult.

Broadly speaking, the practice of courage and independence must be fostered early on. But Mama also must realize that they need a process to be a brave and independent child, because everything is not instant. The following are steps to train children to become independent

Grow positive thoughts: Parents should respond positively to the needs of their children. In this case grow positive thoughts, because that's where they feel safe in their lives.
give an example: So the mother must give real action to her, which does not show fear and create independence in children. For example: mother teaches children to sleep alone, tell him that in his room there is nothing to fear.
does not always grant all the wishes of children
let the child make his own choices
appreciate every effort like praise

If necessary, Father and Mother can find a special way that matches the character and nature of the Little Child by consulting a psychologist.

Sharing stories or problems that are being experienced do need to be done, at least to reduce the burden felt. It's just that, sometimes people who are spoken to seem lazy and can not be an active listener, aka a good listener.
This also applies when the child, spouse, or family member wants to tell the problem. When the other person is considered lazy, someone may not be open. Therefore, child and family psychologists advise you to try to be a good active listener. Many children are still reluctant to share with their parents. Before we correct a child, it might also be good if we correct ourselves all this time. Whether we realize it or not, there are a number of parenting styles that are not conducive to encouraging children to confide in their parents. Among the styles are:

Judgmental: we judge them

Emotional: we issue excessive reactions so the child "feels guilty" for our reaction

Careless: we don't care enough or pay less attention to their vent.
Leaking secrets: For example he tells about a very personal matter, but we leak it to other family members.
Boring: That boring communication style includes: being too quiet, talking too much, that's all we give advice. So that it's not boring, variations are needed.

Of the many cases that occur, in addition to innate factors of children, for example children who are quiet because of heredity, it can be said that communication barriers between children and parents are more often due to modelparenting (parenting). Tense parenting or careless parenting (careless).

You should change the pattern of child care for the better the closeness of parents and children more closely. such as doing quality time together, often inviting children to chat, jokes and laughter with children, doing activities together such as cooking, singing, sports together. You can also ask for help and advice from a psychologist about this.

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